Woods, Tori

Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Tori Woods
972-230-0726 ext. 270

Bachelor's in Journalism from TAMU-C (2006)
Master's in Education from TAMU-C (2015)

ELAR (6-8)
ELAR (9-12)
Journalism (9-12)

I have taught journalism and English for the past nine years. I have also served as U.I.L. sponsor for Newspaper and Literary Criticism. 

Class Schedule
1st Period: 7:30-9:02 (A)
2nd Period: 9:12-10:44 (A)
3rd Period: 10:54-1:12 (A)
4th Period: 1:22-2:54 (A)
A LUNCH: 11:10-11:40
5th Period: 7:30-9:02 (B)
6th Period: 9:12-10:44 (B)
7th Period: CONFERENCE
8th Period: 1:22-2:54 (B)
*Lunch is 3rd Period