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Description:The Desoto High School Sacred Dancers, "With Wings Like Eagles"  is comprised of students from Desoto High School in the 9th - 12th grade who have a desire to show extravagant worship through movement in hopes of drawing light into dark places.  It is our sincerest desire to  minister the word of God through dance that can touch the body, reach the soul and penetrate the spirit .     

The Sacred Dancers believe that all people need encouragement and as a result we strive to reach those spiritually in need to introduce them to the endless possibilities they have through developing strong, meaningful, personal and spiritual relationships and engaging their faith.

All Sacred Dance members must be committed, considerate, and responsible to everyone involved within the Sacred Dance Organization as we all are a vital part of the team that introduce dance as a part of worship.  Our goal is to build community among dancers through the means of worship through dance.  We come together as Christians to present this artistic form of worship to churches, schools, community functions and celebrations. 
Created:11/15/2016 12:26:32 PM