Ronco, Juan


    Greetings! Bonjour! ¡Saludos!  
    問候 Здравствуйте! تحية طيبة
    Привітання! Salamu! 인사말

Greetings! I am Mr. Ronco
This will be my 3rd year at DeSoto High School!
I look forward to inspiring and motivating your student! I hope with that in mind, to be able to show my students the world at a glimpse so that they can embrace our world's diversity and for them to become young critical thinkers in an ever-changing world.

I was born in Uvalde, Texas and raised in Irving, Texas. Outside of education, I love to travel and have visited nations such as Canada, Mexico, France, Qatar, Germany, Kuwait, Iraq and Russia! I also love art and music very much! 

World Geography
Room 213, Freshman Wing

Period 1 and 5

Period 2 and 6

6th Period Planning Period

Period 3 and 7

  1. (Lunch 11:05-11:35)

  2. (Lunch 11:50-12:20)

  3. (Lunch 12:35 -1:05)

Period 4 and 8

University of North Texas, Bachelors of Arts in Political Science, 2010
Minors: International Relations/ Spanish

University of North Texas, Master's in Public Administration, 2017

Military and Government Experience
United States Army, Soldier 2006-2012 (Texas Army National Guard)
Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2008-2009 
Infantryman Soldier

U.S. Department of State
Dallas Passport Agency, 2012-2016

Tutoring Times
Availability is offered weekly after school except certain Wednesday/Thursday for staff/team meetings and unless mentioned otherwise. Tutoring appointments are available upon request. 

Contact Information

Room 231, ext 3213