Exemption Policy

The information presented here is district policy.  Please note that this only applies to classes that do not have a state-mandated assessment (EOC / STAAR / AP / IB) for it.

Tier 1 Exemption:
Semester Minimum Grade: 90
Semester Maximum Absences: 0

Tier 2 Exemption:
Semester Minimum G
rade: 95
Semester Maximum Absences: 1

Absences that affect exemptions (Non-school related events)
Doctor appointments
In-school / At-home suspension / AEP
Skipping class
Death in family
Disciplinary actions / referrals

Absences that do not affect exemptions (School related events)
College days with appropriate documentation
School-related field trips
Scheduled meetings
UIL Events (athletic, music, and academic)
Religious holiday