Lopez-Hafen, Luis

Hello My Name Is...

Luis Lopez-Hafen
(972) 230-0726 ext. 2504

Hello. I am a recent graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in Biology with certification in Business Foundations. Please contact me using the email provided above regarding any questions or concerns you may have.
Thank you!

B.S.A. Biology, University of Texas at Austin

Class Schedule:
A Days
Period 1: Chemistry I
Period 2: Chemistry I
Period 3: Chemistry I (B Lunch)
Period 4: IB Biology II HL

B Days
Period 5: Chemistry I
Period 6: Chemistry I
Period 7: Conference
Period 8: Chemistry I

Remind.com log-ons text to 81010
Chemistry I - @llopezha
IB Biology II HL - @llopezhafe
when prompted- type in student and/or parent name

Rules and Procedures
1. Tardiness – I expect everyone to be in their seats when the tardy bell rings. I expect all students to be back in their seats following lunch at the time they are required to be back in class or you will be counted tardy.
2. Absences – Excessive absences could result in truancy tickets, zeros as grades, Saturday School, and potential loss of Final Exam exceptions. Each student is responsible for making up missed work during an absence within ONE WEEK OF THEIR RETURN TO SCHOOL.
3. Bell Ringers – Each day when you arrive to class there will be a bell-ringer to perform. Most of these are done via HaHootIt! You may use your cell phone for this activity but then you must put away your phone. Failure to do bell ringers daily will result in a low classroom participation grade.
4. Food and Drink – by state law, food and drink are not allowed in the science lab. In addition, many students have violent allergic reactions to certain foods.
5. Cell phones and Electronic Devices – All of these devices must be silent and put away after doing the bell ringer. By district rule, these devices can only be used with the direct consent of the classroom teacher. In addition – do NOT use the electric outlets in the room for charging any device. Electronic devices may be used only at the discretion of the teacher for activities. After one warning, I will take up your device and return it after class.
6. Restroom Breaks – Students must have a hall pass provided by the teacher to leave the room. You will be allowed 5 minutes out of class for this purpose. I only provide for one student to be out of class at any one time. Failure to get back on time simply deprives others of the opportunity to use the restroom. No one is permitted out of the classroom during the first twenty or the last twenty minutes of class.
7. Science Notebook – Students are required to maintain a science notebook. I will allow hand-written notes (not pictures) to be used on tests but you must use your OWN notes. If you have serious plans for college, it is time to learn how to take notes.
8. Class Participation Grades – I give at least one or two grades each semester for class participation based upon overall ability to adhere to instructions and procedures and their productivity in class.
9. Seating Chart – A seating chart is used in this class to take roll. If you are not in your ASSIGNED seat when the teacher takes roll, you will be counted absent. NO EXCUSES! If you are absent due to being held by another teacher, you must bring a note.
10. Late Work – Any work turned in more than one week later from the day of assignment will receive a maximum grade of 70%. It is YOUR job to see me ASAP upon return to school either before or after school to make up work on time. Do not ask me for missing work during class time. If not turned in, missing work will be given a grade of 50.
11. Re-do Work or Re-Tests – Any classroom or test grade received that is less than 70% may be re-done to get your grade back up to 70%. I will explain the procedure during class.

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