Thomas, Andrew

Hello My Name Is...

Andrew Thomas

(972) 230-0726 x2305

Associate of Applied Science in Emergency Medical Tech from Central Texas College, 2010
Bachelor of Science in Biology (Forensic) from University of Texas at Arlington, 2013

I was a United States Marine from 2000-2006 and served overseas during OIF.  After reaching the end of my active service, I spent time in the medical field as an EMT and then as a Licensed Paramedic.
I am teaching Forensic Science and Chemistry.

Period 1 7:30-9:02 Chemistry
Period 2 9:09-10:41 Chemistry
Period 3 10:48-12:35 Chemistry
C Lunch  12:35-1:05
Period 4 1:12-2:54 Chemistry

Period 5 7:30-9:02 Forensic Science
Period 6 9:09-10:41 Forensic Science
Period 7 10:48-12:35 Chemistry
C Lunch  12:35-1:05
Period 8 1:12-2:54 Conference Period