Lampkin-Murray, Kimber

Hello My Name Is...

Kimber Lampkin-Murray
[email protected]
972-274-1818 ext 103
CTE Teacher


I am very excited about the 2019-2020 school year. I graduated from Midwestern State University , with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in 2004. I am in my fifth year of teaching and I have a teaching certificate for 6-12 Business Education. I am married, with a beautiful son . I love sports... Go Cowboys!

Class Schedule

"A Day"
1st Period 7:30 am-9:02 am Intro Arts A/V
2nd Period 9:09 am-10:41 am Intro Arts A/V
3rd Period 10:48 am-1:05 pm Intro Arts A/V(Lunch)
4th Period 1:12 pm-2:54 pm Conference

"B Day"
5th Period 7:30 am-9:02 am Intro Arts A/V
6th Period 9:09 am-10:41 am Info Tech
7th Period 10:48 am- 1:05 pm Info Tech
8th Period 1:12 pm - 2:54 pm Int Arts A/V