Supply List

Supply List 

DeSoto High School Percussion Supply List

Marching Sticks or Mallets needed for Specific Battery Equipment

Concert Percussion:

1 Black Towel

1 Pair General Timpani Mallets

2 Pair Concert Snare Sticks

1 Pair Hard Xylo/Bell Mallets

1 Pair Medium Rubber Mallets

2 Pair Medium Yarn Mallets

2 Pair Medium Cord Vibe Mallets

1 Stick Bag Large Enough To accommodate all mallets, plus extra room

1 3 Ring Binder with protective sheets

1 12" Practice Pad

Multiple Pencils

This is the Bare Minimun!!

1. I would recommend the Innovative Percussion FP3 College Primer Mallet Pack. It includes many of the items you need.

2. I would also recommend a number of 12" practice pads. 

a. Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Slip Pad

b. HQ 12"

c. Innovative Percussion 12"

d. Vater 12"

e. Off World Percussion 12"