National Honor Society

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National Honor Society

National Honor Society National Honor Society
 is an honor society of Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service.

Membership:  Membership is extended by invitation.  It is extended during the spring semester of the student's junior and/or senior year.  The academic qualification is a 4.2 cumulative GPA on the weighted scale.  Qualifiers will receive an application AT SCHOOL to fill out documenting leadership and service to school and community.  A confidential faculty character evaluation is conducted, and new members receive letters AT SCHOOL.  The Induction Ceremony is held in May in conjunction with the other Honor Societies and SOAR awards.  (If you receive letters in the mail at home from NSHSS, it is NOT a school affiliated organization and their graduation regalia may not be worn at DHS graduation activities.)  DeSoto's Cooper Chapter also recognizes membership earned at another school with documentation and continued meeting of the DHS membership standards.

Community Service:  Members may earn points (hours) based on activities of their own choosing and from opportunities provided by the school and district.  Announcements will be made via the school system for volunteer opportunities, so listen!  I will also use Remind 101 - sign up to receive these text message reminders.  Remind is updating, so I will post the correct codes for signing up once school starts.   Documentation of community service must be submitted in May, before graduation, in order to wear NHS regalia at graduation.

Dues:  These dues pay our national affiliation fee with NASSP and purchase our membership certificates and diploma seals.  National quadruples our affiliation fees this year so dues will have to increase.  They are $10, to be paid during first semester.

Graduation cords and collars:  Wearing cords and collars at graduation is a privilege earned by membership AND completion/documentation of community service.  50+ hours is required for cords, 65+ for the collar.  These will be ordered at the beginning of May and must be paid for by the end of April (I will need to check costs and see if theyh have increased - expect somewhere around $35).  If you have a set from a previous graduate, you may wear them instead of purchasing a set as long as you have paid your dues and submitted your hours/documented your right to wear them.