Lee-Tanihu, Krystal

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Dr. Krystal Lee-Tanihu

<About Me>

When asked where I am from, I find it to be a difficult question to answer due to the fact that my father is retired Air Force. I was born in Alaska, but have lived in the South most of my life. I have lived in Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, and now Texas. I am a proud alumna of two Historically Black Colleges and Universities. I received my Bachelor of Science in Biology from Tuskegee University in 2012 and my Doctor of Pharmacy from Florida A & M University in 2017. I value learning as a naturally inquisitive person and I am constantly learning and growing. This being my first teaching position I recognize this as a challenge for growth and I am excited to help cultivate the minds of my students who are wanting to learn more about the world and terminology of health care and health science. Although I am a first-time teacher, teaching is in my blood. Not only do I come from a list of relatives with military backgrounds, spanning all 4 branches, but I also come from a host of educators, my mom being my closest line to education.
I am married to my college sweetheart. We have been together over 10 years, married just over 2 years and we have a fur baby, a black lab mix named Sky Juice. My husband came up with that name, I just went with it.