Ratliff, Dondi

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Ms. Dondi Ratliff
[email protected]
972 230 0726 ext. 1720

Dondi Ratliff

Miss Ratliff was born in Lamesa, Texas, before moving to Breckenridge, Texas, for 5th grade. She graduated from Breckenridge High School in 1997 and attended Tarleton State University, where she attained a Bachelor of Arts in English in August 2001. She began a Master of Arts in English the summer of 2002; however, upon her mother's passing in January 2003, she left Tarleton at the end of the year without her degree and put it on hold. She then lived in Springtown, Texas, with her older brother and his family until December 2006. During this time, she attended Texas Woman's University in order to become certified to teach high school English (ELAR 8-12) and have a Master of Arts in Teaching. She attained this degree in May of 2007.

After moving back to Breckenridge, Texas, with her aunt in January 2007, she worked as a substitute teacher and then as an adjunct English teacher at Cisco College. She ultimately returned to Tarleton State University in 2011 as a graduate assistant to complete her degree, which she did in December 2013 after successfully defending her Master's thesis, The Gospel According tp Kazantzakis: An Examination of The Last Tempation of Christ as a Bridge between Modernism and Postmodernism. Once more living in Breckenridge, Texas, at this time, she applied to schools and found her first teaching position with DeSoto ISD the summer of 2013. 

This is her fifth year of teaching, her fifth year of teaching at DeSoto High School, and her third year of teaching Dual Credit English. She has taught regular senior and junior English, and Dual Credit 3 and 4, in the past. She is the sponsor for the high school's anime club, The Anime Scout Region, and is a member of the Library Advisory team.

Class Schedule:

A Day -
Period 1: 7:30 - 9:02 Dual Credit English 3 (ECHS/CMP)
Period 2: 9:12 - 10:44 ECHS Duties
Period 3: 10:54 - 1:02 Dual Credit English 4 (ECHS/CMP)
Period 4: 1:12 - 2:54 Dual Credit English 3 (ECHS/CMP)

B Day - 
Period 5: 7:30 - 9:02 Dual Credit English 3 (ECHS/CMP)
Period 6: 9:12 - 10:44 Dual Credit English 3 (ECHS/CMP)
Period 7: 10:54 - 1:02 Conference
Period 8: 1:12 - 2:54 Dual Credit English 4 (ECHS/CMP)

Note: 2nd and 7th periods may see Ms. Ratliff in duties for the collegiate side. If you do require her presence, please let her know ahead of time at extension 1720 to be sure of her presence in those periods.