Eaglettes Brief History

 In 1961, Mr. Robert G. Copeland, Band Director at DeSoto High School, decided that the school needed an organization that would attract young women and keep people spirited along in the stands during football games. Mr. Copeland brought his wife Mrs. Anita Copeland in to create something special. Her creation and gift to the district was the DeSoto Eagle Cheerleaders and Pep Squad! As the first group of its kind for the district, the two squads brought "spirit" to DeSoto Football. Mrs. Copeland shared her vision with Mrs. Gwen Amyx and Mrs. Mildred Robertson who became the sponsors for the new teams.

In 1964 Mrs. Neila Petrick became the first director of the “official” DeSoto Eaglettes Drill Team. She created the Drill Team style by using innovative patterns and steps, and developed many original ideas that are still used by The Eaglettes. They took to the field during the 1964 football season, pioneering the spirit of drill team now seen vividly in the DeSoto Independent School District.

Mrs. Gladys Jackson was the third director of the Drill Team from 1967 to 1970. Mrs. Jackson became very well known for her emphasis on precision, polish, and perfection. After Mrs. Jackson decided to move on from Drill Team, Mrs Judy Moss decided that she would give it a try becoming the fourth Eaglette Director (1970-1973). Mrs. Moss, a former DeSoto High School Teacher also worked for Desoto High School as the Head Principal for years (1985-1997). In 1998 our Eaglette Director became the Assistant Superintendent until her retirement in

After Mrs. Moss moved from Drill Team Director /Teacher to Principal for Mrs. Kay Freeman who was the school secretary took her reign as the Eaglettes fifth director (1977-1984). In 1984-1989, Mrs Stacia Rareshide became the first director to have been an Eaglette. Originally from DeSoto, she became the sixth director and currently owns Stacia’s School of Dance in Cedar Hill, Texas.

The Eaglettes seventh director was Mrs. Sherry Mallard (1989-1992). In 1992-1995 Mrs. Michelle Duvalle became the eight director, teaching Dance I and II. When Mrs. Duvalle decided to leave DeSoto High School Mrs. Deanna Carter a graduate of JJ Pearce High School, former Pacesetter drill team member and Kilgore College Rangerette was named the ninth director and dance I and II teacher (1995-2002).

Succeeding Mrs. Carters’ reign as director former Eaglettes Mrs. April Holland (2002-2005) and Mrs. Alana Irvin (2005-2006) became Eaglette Directors. The current director of the Eaglettes is Ms. MaShundra Gray. Mashundra is a former Eaglette as well as the first African American Poster Girl (1998-1999). Originally from DeSoto, Texas she returned to DeSoto Freshman Campus as the Dance Company Director (2005-2006) and then became the Eaglettes director in 2006- Present.

The Eaglettes have certainly given DeSoto High School a reason to brag. They practice hard during the hot summer days to perfect their dance routines for football halftime shows. Not only do they perform at football games but also at competitions, parades, pep rallies, school events and their annual Spring Show production.

The success of The Eaglettes has always been determined by the constant and sincere interest of their sponsors/director and choreographer through the years. These ladies deserve a world of praise and applause for the hard work they put in to making DeSoto High School Eaglettes the BEST!