Principal's Corner

Shon Joseph,  Principal

Shon Joseph is from Pineville, LA. He graduated from high school a year early and immediately started on his educational and professional goals. After attending McNeese State University on a scholarship and graduating, Shon worked in several capacities. He has spent the last 21 years in education, but throughout his life his grandfather taught him the value of hard work. Shon has worked in food service, yard care, transportation, and custodial services. His career in education includes being a speech, math, and English teacher. Shon has coached football, basketball, and track. He feels his range of experience in education and life has allowed him to have a clearer perspective on the importance of having a relationship with students, the support and involvement of the parents and community, effective leadership, and efficient school operations.

Shon is excited to be the principal of DeSoto High School.  Before that position he was the principal of John Tyler High School, a school that still holds a very special place in the hearts of him and his family. In 2009, Shon won Region 10 Assistant Principal of the year after his first year in administration and again in 2011 he won Region 7 Principal of the Year. This year, Shon has been named the Region 10 Middle School Principal of the Year. Shon knows the many great sacrifices it takes to run a high school effectively and he truly owes much to his family for their undying support and sacrifices. He is married to his wife, Juanita, and he has three sons. Shon states, “I don’t think anyone truly understands the sacrifices you have to make to do the job WELL unless you are doing the job.  School administration has its rewards, but without the sacrifices and the support of your family…the road would be unbearable.”